The Electoral college

The Electoral college does not give American’s the say they deserve in elections. In an election the Electoral college has the final say in an election which means the popular vote is not always the winning vote. Another flaw of the electoral college is the fact that third- parties can win because of a split vote of the main party candidates. Small states receive more say in the election than bigger state due to the structure of the Electoral college. The Electoral College should be abolished because it does not consecutively represent the vote of the people .

The electoral college is not an efficient way to decide who the people desire their president to be. In the presidential election of 1824 there was no winner because no candidate received a majority of the electoral votes so the vote went to the House of Representatives. The House chose John Quincy Adams as the president. Looking back at the popular votes of the candidates, Andrew Jackson won by a landslide. This proves that even though people vote and impact the electoral vote, they do not truly decide who their future president is. This is a violation of American’s right to choose their president and should not be a part of the presidential election process.

Third party candidates can win an election even if the majority of people didn’t vote for them. In the 2000 presidential election there was a very close call on the two candidates Al Gore (Democrat) and George W. Bush. (Republican). They were so close in fact that Bush won the electoral college by one point and Al Gore won the popular vote by .5%. Many say that the third-party candidate, Ralph Nader, may have been the cause of Gore’s loss of the election. This demonstrates an example an imperfection in the Electoral college’s construction. It shows that the Electoral College can not handle a third party candidate without messing up the balance of the election.

The Electoral College is unfair to bigger states as it gives more power in small states. . Each state has the same number of votes in the Electoral College as it has representatives in Congress. This means that even the states with smallest population get three electoral college votes. Ultimately this entails smaller states get a larger say in the election. This is foul to more populous states who has people that deserve the same amount of say in the election as Americans in small states.

American voters are poorly portrayed by the electoral college and therefore it should be terminated. Citizens vote and influence the Electoral College however they do not make any final decisions and can be easily dismissed. In conclusion The Electoral College should not be used because it does not give every American their say in presidential elections because the Electoral College has the final say in the matter. The presidential election should be determined by popular votes because this way every vote matters.